Teen Success on Skype

Our son, age 15, was having a really hard time in school.  He was usually either
angry or very sad (turned inward and down on himself), and was unwilling to
accept help. Instead, he would be angry with us for trying to help. We tried
everything we could think of to encourage him to take responsibility for his
chores and school work: nagging, being extremely strict, extremely
understanding, making agreements/plans, being helpful, disinterested,
threatening, rewarding, etc.  My husband and I are pretty smart people.
I can honestly say that we tried every method we could think of to help him,
but saw no consistent improvement.  I felt like, underneath all the “angry,”
there was a loving, happy boy trying desperately to come out.  Well, let me
tell you, we invested in the Ethics and Integrity Program via Skype with
Anita, and she FOUND HIM!  –or helped him find himself.
Our son is happier and taking more everyday responsibility.  His teachers
and counselors noticed a major difference in his attitude and behavior. He’s
still working on breaking some bad habits, but now HE wants to break them,
and asks for, and (gratefully!) accepts help. He even sat down and had a
rational, reasonable conversation to make an agreement on his
responsibilities so I can back off a bit and let him be in charge of his
schoolwork. He is the loving, happy boy we knew he could be/wanted to be.
To other parents of teens — I can’t say enough good things about the
program. Be sure to honor the privacy of your child, giving them a quiet,
private place to Skype where you promise not to interrupt, even if dinner is
ready. It’s worth it. Don’t wait. TA

A Life Enhanced

During my trip to Coeur D’Alene, I had many wins that I will recall happily when I am back home. Thanks to the Sauna Program, I am drug and toxin free. Thanks to the Integrity Program I have a set goal to go to art school and become an animator. The processes run here have helped me tremendously with unveiling my eyes so I can see the world. It helped my drawing and writing ability, which is excellent for not only college, but also for the book I am writing! My art has significantly improved–even I’m surprised! I even got up the nerve to finally draw my first comic strip relating to my book, which I have gotten many compliments on. I look forward to going home and continuing my progress toward a bigger and brighter future. Thanks, LIC! RS

Body Detox Success

I attest to successfully completing the Body Purification.   I fully understand the purpose and objective of the program and acknowledge its value as a body purifying/detoxifying process.  Thank you, GG

Advanced Communication Course

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Advanced Communication Course with Linda, Rachel, Anita and Les. They helped me grow in an area of life which has been challenging for me–being in control of situations in relationship to other people, feeling like my desires are as important as others. Now, I know it’s okay to assert my desires with intention. I also had an opportunity to use the techniques when confronted by my daughter. The confronting practice really came through and helped me handle the situation. Thank you, LIC! L



My hands are clean again like a new born child. I am never getting them dirty again. My hollow stump of a life has been filled with diamonds–everyone can take one. Love, JM

Counselor Training

I had a great time this week with Les and Anita. It was wonderful to train and hone my counseling skills, from the very best of the best. My FIRST priority was my client. Les and Anita were there in case I had any questions. Might I add, the Supervisor was spot on. SL

Basic Communication Course

I started the Communication Course to learn more about the Life Integrity Center and counseling techniques, and because I always like to learn. Learning about communication can only help in all areas of life. I wasn’t sure what it was all about and there were some surprises and frustrations. But….. I did it! We did it! I have learned a lot, enjoyed interacting with some great people, and I’ve been able to communicate about the course process and I’ve been acknowledged. I’m looking forward to the Advanced Communication Course and beyond! Thank you! LS

Body Detox Success

Before the program I was having trouble focusing in school and in life. I had experimented with a variety of different drugs over the past 4 years (since I did this program the first time), and felt cloudy and out-of-focus even after I stopped. Doing the sauna program again helped me regain that focus, and figure out why I did drugs in the first place! I even went in thinking I’d continue to smoke cigarettes and realized it was just silly to continue smoking as well. Now I’m three days without smoking a cigarette and I haven’t even had a craving for one. I can sit outside with smokers and not be tempted. The negative energy on drugs had simply blown away during the program. I’m very grateful to Les and Anita for having the Body Detox available! It’s wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere. As well as cleaning up my body and improving my senses, it put me back on track as a writer and artist. I feel all blocks on my creative talent have been lifted. I’m 100% ready to kick ass in school and work! Bring it on! RS

Back on track

I recently had the occasion to receive counseling from Anita Warren. I was not doing so well in life. Anita rolled up her sleeves and got busy. Well, needless to say this counseling did the job, as I am back on my feet and winning at life. One of my biggest realizations was on the ‘succumb factors’ of life. I now realize there are games and then there are GAMES and that I had better watch which ones I play. I also realize that I need to continue getting the training I started out to get twenty years ago but kept falling off the path. When I told Anita I needed more knowledge about making decisions regarding the future she made sure I got a copy of the perfect book on this subject. Thank you for getting my life back on track. — EL

Life Counseling Success Story

I came here with a question, and the answer–no matter what it was–would change my life indefinitely. I was uncomfortable in my own body: it was female, and I just had to be male. I was a straight woman, but felt deep down that I was a gay man. I decided, with the help of my parents, to get Life Counseling before I did anything drastic (taking hormones and getting SRS: Sexual Reassignment Surgery). I didn’t need my parents to push me into getting help. In all truth, I was on the fence–the worst place to be. I had three choices: begin the transition, continue pretending to be female, or destroy myself. I would feel grief when I knew I shouldn’t, and seeing pictures of handsome guys only turned up the volume on the feeling. When I wore girls clothes it was more like for show: I usually dressed up as a girl for Halloween (the scariest thing I could become). The only time I seriously considered dressing as a girl was the time when I put on a dress and was reduced to be a pile of teary, depressed muck on my bedroom floor. I didn’t leave my room until I was in “suitable” men’s clothes. The only girl I could be was a cross dressing man. I watched “The Secret” and asked the universe, with every fiber of my being, to make this uninhabitable body male somehow. It worked in a way–after that decision I came across a LOT of information on FTM (female to male) transitioning. I remember finding a transman online who had gone through his transition and I would cry just looking at his pictures (it was hard to believe he was ever female–all traces of his femininity were washed away by hormone therapy and “top surgery” and he looked amazing). I looked up “transman” and “FTM,” eventually finding Hudson’s FTM Guide. Whenever I talked about it to friends, I would get excited. It seemed like I had hope. I knew I was a girl, but I also knew that I would grow up to be a man–it was the only thing that made sense at the time. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a boy. When I thought about myself, I was a boy. I felt the irresistible urge to correct people when they called me by feminine pronouns (she/her), and I often did. Most of my friends got used to it, often referring to me as “he.” My best friend was in medical school and told me she would help me give myself testosterone (via bimonthly intramuscular injection). People who knew me called me by “he/his” and most strangers simply guessed or avoided using either pronoun. I masculinized my name was determined to change it legally. I wore an Ace bandage around my chest, and cut my hair short. I wore only men’s clothes. Still, I had the feeling that maybe–just MAYBE–I would realize something during my Life Counseling and I would change my mind. And that’s precisely what happened. Life Counseling was originally proposed by my parents, but I had no objections whatsoever. And so began my journey to find myself. I traveled across the country by plane to see my counselor. What I sought became known as my answer.  I went from San Francisco to Tampa. I became set on deciding for myself which path I would go down, narrowing my options down to two: become a man or a woman. I jumped straight into sessions with Les, my Life Counselor. It was a truly mind-blowing, life changing, incredible experience that wrenched my answer right up from the depths of my mind. In the end, I found the source of my problem was a past life incident! It seems so silly afterwards. I felt the weight lift from my shoulders, and finally I could breathe (removing the Ace bandage helped with this too). The depressing grief I used to feel left and didn’t come back. Les, Anita, and even the other clients around here were so, so, so supportive. Anita took me shopping (for the real test), and when I tried on girls clothes… voila! No pain, no grief. The sky wasn’t falling, and the walls were still solid. I didn’t grow antennae or an extra set of arms. I was right there, admiring my female body in clothes that actually fit. For the next few days, I only wore girls clothes, and not only was I fine with it, I actually enjoyed it. I texted my friend in medical school and carefully told her I wasn’t going to transition. The message she sent back to me was: “As long as you feel better about yourself that’s all that matters to me.” I also broke the news to my online pen pal and best friend (who knows me only as a gay man), and she accepted me as I truly am, much better than I expected. She’s still my super awesome best friend for life! I haven’t told many other people, but I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the best. I know now that it’s not anyone’s decision but mine. – RS