Body Detox

Body Detox Success

I attest to successfully completing the Body Purification.   I fully understand the purpose and objective of the program and acknowledge its value as a body purifying/detoxifying process.  Thank you, GG

Body Detox Success

Before the program I was having trouble focusing in school and in life. I had experimented with a variety of different drugs over the past 4 years (since I did this program the first time), and felt cloudy and out-of-focus even after I stopped. Doing the sauna program again helped me regain that focus, and figure out why I did drugs in the first place! I even went in thinking I’d continue to smoke cigarettes and realized it was just silly to continue smoking as well. Now I’m three days without smoking a cigarette and I haven’t even had a craving for one. I can sit outside with smokers and not be tempted. The negative energy on drugs had simply blown away during the program. I’m very grateful to Les and Anita for having the Body Detox available! It’s wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere. As well as cleaning up my body and improving my senses, it put me back on track as a writer and artist. I feel all blocks on my creative talent have been lifted. I’m 100% ready to kick ass in school and work! Bring it on! RS

Loving Life

This is the best body detox program!  I was surprised at what negative emotions were released.  The attitude of the group up here makes the wins come naturally.  I went way up the “attitude scale.”  I know this is said by many when they connect.  I could really be and feel the love for all. Its like the body and other games were so minor. I could see from this viewpoint that I have a responsibility from this high point of awareness.  I love being in a positive group. You get better gains by such connections. LIC is such a group. I’ve released the negative energy on some long standing conditions.  I found myself really willing to be with my body and I felt so connected and had “love” for all.  My viewpoint has been changed to one of action on life.  I love my life and I love your life, too!  RW aka “red lobster”

IQ Went Up 15 Points!

I just finished the Body Detox Program. I have had amazing transformations both physically and even more so mentally. Physically I was ready for a walker when I arrived. I had even gone so far as to have picked it out and accepted the fact that my life as I knew it was over. I came here as my last chance effort to see if I could get well physically. My body has been healing itself at such an amazing rate I now have no need to even think about needing a walker or a riding cart. What I didn’t expect was the bonus of my mind clearing up so remarkably. My IQ went up 15 points! For the last 3 days it has been as if a light bulb has turned on time and time again as I remember who I am and what a powerful spiritual being I am. I came into this lifetime knowing who I was and I have known what my mission was for many years. I was working towards it for a long time until too much mental stress from some horrible life changes got in the way and knocked me off the path. I now have a clear realization of what I need to do to get back on the path and continue the work I volunteered to do this lifetime. I have a clear mind now thanks to the Body Detox Program and it gets clearer each day. I feel reborn and almost a type of high on life. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this program is and how much it has changed my life. I would recommend this program, and especially doing it with Anita, to anyone who truly was willing and ready to let go of their old ways and hurts and start new. Anita has stayed with me and guided me throughout the program. My wins were her wins as she saw the difference in me as I made major breakthroughs. I know I am going to leave here a new person, a reborn woman who remembers who I am. — KS

  • December 8, 2007 3:58 pm

My Life Preserver

When I first started the Body Detox Program I felt overwhelmed and bogged down by life.  I felt as if I had been drowning and this program was my life preserver.  I felt relief knowing this would help bring me back to my life.  And it did.  I feel clearer, cleaner, and confident.  I’m not gasping for air anymore.  I’m just breathing.  Oh, and my head doesn’t ache anymore!  🙂  NS

Every Day I Felt Better!

Everyday I spent
in the sauna I felt better than the previous one. It’s almost hard to remember
how I felt before the sauna. Now, I am thinking much more clearly and concisely.
In the beginning, I thought five hours a day was going to be really hard to do.
Although in the end, it was not that difficult.  It gives you an amazing sense of
accomplishment that is well worth the challenge. I feel so much more motivated
than before I did the program. A new healthier me has blossomed. I had no idea
all the things it would cure. Most of all, my insomnia has completely gone away
and that in itself is a huge achievement! My overall health has improved and I
can even get out of bed at 5am and workout, which is a miracle! I used to be
still awake at 5am! Overall, I now feel well rested, brighter, more alert,
clearer, healthier, happier, stronger, more motivated and better than I ever
imagined. AND, my IQ went up 17 points! HC

The Greatest Thing!

When I first got here I was a little edgy and unsure but now that I am done I
believe it is the greatest thing I ever accomplished. I feel clean through and
through like I’m reborn with a new handle on life. I still have many goals ahead
but I’m now fit to tackle them. I have clear thoughts and calm rational
emotions. There is no stopping me now. I now understand and feel things I never
thought possible. I’m so full of love and joy and happiness, I think I may
burst! I want to conquer the world but I know it is a step by step process. The
best part is I know I can handle it! TM

Free From Drugs

Upon completion of the Body Purification Program, I KNEW that my body had
finally freed itself from the heavy chains and unwholesome burden that drugs
are. As soon as I began the detox, I gradually noticed alterations in my daily
routine. I’ve become conscious of my body and the effects that substances and
postulates have and could have upon it; I make careful decisions and am more
aware and attentive; I am precise in thought and in movement. Overall, I am
myself and I feel spectacular. Being cleared of this oppression has been the
highlight of my lifetime and I look forward to the continuation of bettering
myself. DR

Glad I Did It!

My good friend, and the father of my children, has been trying to get me to do the Body Detox for nearly 20 years.  I haven’t a clue why it took me so long to embrace/consider the notion, but I couldn’t be more content in deciding to finally do it.  I feel clean and clear, in body and mind, for the first time in decades.  With this first (and most important) step complete, I’m moving forward to my next goal of also getting rid of all my “mental” toxins!  DW

Vital First Step to My New Life

I started the Body Detox Program very recently. I was willing to do anything to free myself from all the toxins I had been putting in my body. I knew this was a vital first step to my new life. The first day I could actually taste the alcohol and smell it coming out of my pores. I felt a little woozy in the sauna, but made it through. About 30 minutes later I got very nauseous, dizzy, and had a horrible headache. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, then I realized I was re-enacting a hangover! I couldn’t believe how realistic it felt! Well, after the next couple of days in the sauna, I felt much better. This program requires taking niacin which helps push out the toxins. I didn’t realize this also pushes out old or past illnesses that are still stuck in your body. After I took it one day, while I was on the treadmill (which you do before you get into the sauna every day), my ears were ringing very loudly. I then remembered a horrible ear infection I had one year earlier. After the ringing stopped, and I was out of the sauna, ALL of my senses seemed a million times sharper. My eyesight was clearer, my hearing was sharper, and my sinuses seemed to clear! As the days went on I had my ups and downs with the program as I ran toxins out. Then one day something felt different. I was sitting in the sauna a lot longer. Time was just cruising by. It didn’t seem like anything was re-enacting at all. I even turned the temperature up a couple of degrees to really get a sweat going, and still nothing. This was it! I had run all the toxins out of my body! I had completed the Body Detox Program. I feel so ‘in focus’ with life now, not foggy. I can see my future as bright, with a clear body and mind. Thanks to the Body Detox Program, I am now truly hopeful that my life took a major turn in the right direction. — KH