Children & Teens

Teen Success on Skype

Our son, age 15, was having a really hard time in school.  He was usually either
angry or very sad (turned inward and down on himself), and was unwilling to
accept help. Instead, he would be angry with us for trying to help. We tried
everything we could think of to encourage him to take responsibility for his
chores and school work: nagging, being extremely strict, extremely
understanding, making agreements/plans, being helpful, disinterested,
threatening, rewarding, etc.  My husband and I are pretty smart people.
I can honestly say that we tried every method we could think of to help him,
but saw no consistent improvement.  I felt like, underneath all the “angry,”
there was a loving, happy boy trying desperately to come out.  Well, let me
tell you, we invested in the Ethics and Integrity Program via Skype with
Anita, and she FOUND HIM!  –or helped him find himself.
Our son is happier and taking more everyday responsibility.  His teachers
and counselors noticed a major difference in his attitude and behavior. He’s
still working on breaking some bad habits, but now HE wants to break them,
and asks for, and (gratefully!) accepts help. He even sat down and had a
rational, reasonable conversation to make an agreement on his
responsibilities so I can back off a bit and let him be in charge of his
schoolwork. He is the loving, happy boy we knew he could be/wanted to be.
To other parents of teens — I can’t say enough good things about the
program. Be sure to honor the privacy of your child, giving them a quiet,
private place to Skype where you promise not to interrupt, even if dinner is
ready. It’s worth it. Don’t wait. TA

From ADHD to Amazed

Background:  10 year old CA (initials) was going to a school for “gifted children” but wasn’t happy there.  He was labeled ADHD.  The parents refused to put him on the recommended drugs.  The school counselor was constantly pointing out CA’s faults and giving him lots of advice as to what he should do about it.  CA was being given large amounts of homework daily.  He would get very upset and “act up” while doing his homework.  This was stressful on the family.  The parents found out about what we do here at the Life Integrity Center.  The dad flew here with CA to take advantage of our program.  Over a 3 day period I spent 6 hours 20 minutes of session time with CA.  At the end of the sessions, I asked him to tell me “what he got out of it.”  Here is what he thoughtfully said as I dictated word for word:  “I liked it because it was mostly fun to do.  At some points you helped me find myself–myself that got lost inside the little unhappy lies that were inside my head that you helped get rid of most of them.  It got even better with the tasty muffins that you made.”
 Here is what the mom said, after he got home:  Our son looks great!  It is so good to have him home and so happy!  I can certainly see a difference in him.  I am thrilled with his gains and I love his ‘testimonial.’  I did hear a lot about the muffins, too.  Thank you for want you do!”
 After the first day back at school, mom said:  “CA had a great day at school today.  His teacher gives him daily marks as to how he does in different areas.  He got all good marks today.  During homework tonight, where he usually ‘acts up big time,’ he did all of it with no ‘acting up.’  He was being a ‘solver,’ which I have never seen him do.  We are sort of in ‘pleasant shock.'”
 A few days later, Dad says:  “I asked CA if he wants to go back for more sessions and he was very excited about it.  He really seems to be more stable and more interested in life.  His communications have been more emphatic and clear.  His manners have even gotten better.  I guess he seems more sure of himself.  Right now, the ‘acting up’ is limited to his homework.  I believe that is just a habit pattern which my wife and I now have the ability to stop.”
 Update from Dad:  “Our son got his third straight day of perfect marks.  This has never happened before.  He has completely stopped getting upset during homework.  My wife and I have been reading the book you recommended, applying it, and it is working.  She read the part about allowing kids to contribute.  She let our son bake muffins and pass them out to everyone.  I asked him yesterday if he wants to come down again for more sessions.  He said, ‘Yes.’  His sister wants to come, too.  CA’s teacher said she noticed a remarkable change in him.  She said he has been much better and believes he is on the right track.  This is the same teacher who wanted him out of the program.  She said he does not ‘melt down’ anymore.  When he starts to struggle he catches himself and works through it now.  I am amazed.”

Success Story 4/2/12

I have had a great time here. The sessions were very challenging, but that’s what I like. Remember this for the “Perception Drills!” Don’t give up. I broke down in tears three or four times, and I’m 13 years old! Trust me, reader, you will get it like I did. Don’t doubt yourself. It may take hours, even days of sessioning, but everything represents something in life. Good luck with your counseling and remember that everything comes in time, but you must work for it. (Hmmmm…why do I sound like I’ve achieved total enlightenment?) CA

Study technology

I had many problems about study. The symptoms that you learn about in ‘Study Technology’ I realized are the signs of disaster. Until I studied such an interesting course I now realize that the power or learning is nowhere but inside ME! — KP

My sweet little boy was back

When my oldest child was 4 years old, I had noticed that he was changing. He seemed to be angry with me more and more often, and sometimes he had quite a temper! I couldn’t identify what had caused this change in behavior, so I wasn’t able to address the source of the problem. We took him in for some light counseling, and I was blown away by the changes in him! My sweet little boy was back! All the anger he had for me had completely dissipated. He was full of love and his communication to me really opened up. I was so happy! And it took less than 10 hours in session! The counseling was so light and affirming to him. He wasn’t made wrong for his earlier troublesome behavior. Instead, the counselor addressed him as a spiritual being, and the results were truly remarkable!  He loved his sessions so much that after his 3rd session he told me that he wanted to be a counselor himself when he grew up. After his 4th session, he said he wanted to teach others to be counselors, so that ‘all the bad guys can be good.’ I sensed a feeling of great relief in him. He was no longer at the effect of these negative impulses. My son is now a wonderful 9 year old boy. He is very loving to his entire family and he is one of my best friends. I have to say that this was one of the very best decisions I have ever made as a parent. — JJ

Mom of 14-year-old girl

My daughter has gone through an extreme amount of abuse from living with her father. When she arrived back home she had no trust for anyone. She was always angry in her actions and voice. After a couple of intensive sessions with Anita, we have seen a remarkable change. My daughter, who NEVER went to sleep without her bedroom door locked, now finds it not always necessary to lock her door. She has also recognized the process of fair exchange. Her bedroom–previously a total disaster–now she feels she needs to clean. Most important the anger she had (as her total personality) is now diminishing. She is laughing again. Even the cat thinks this is a strange sound coming from this girl! People she couldn’t stand to look at, she is now willing to communicate with. I am so thankful for this counseling. This is really the first experience I’ve had. These sessions are giving me back my beautiful daughter. — BC

Mom, Dad, Daughter

From the mom, then the dad, and then the 8 year old girl

Mom says, “Thank you so much. This is so fantastic. We see such a difference with our daughter at home. She seems so much more peaceful and happier. Her communication to us is great and her sense of responsibility has risen. She is doing beautifully and we’re all very happy. Thank you!!” LG

Dad says, “I have observed a change in her confidence to be herself when around her friends and she is more tolerant of her sister.” BG

Daughter draws on paper: “DEFINITELY BEFORE (draws sad face) DEFINITELY NOW (draws radiating happy face).” Then she writes, “I really feel like I have completed my counseling because now I feel much better about things than when I used to, when I didn’t know a lot about counseling.” RG

Happy & Serene

From the mom of a 14 year old:

Each day when I pick up my daughter after her session she has a smile on her face and seems very happy and serene. I used to have to tell her to do her school work several times before she would do it. Now when she gets home after session she gets right to her school work without any effort from me having to repeat myself. This is fantastic.

— GD

Big Happy Face

An 8 year old girl:

The counseling that I’m getting here is so fun and I feel so so good and so much better and things are happening so fast in session. I am having so much WINS in it. I REALLY LOVE IT.

(draws big happy face)  — MS

Another 15-year-old Girl

The summer of 2005 I came to visit my dad for a week. During that time I had 2 sessions with Anita, about 4 hours each. I realized so many things about myself, and I am so glad I took advantage of this opportunity. I realized how it is really important to believe in yourself and how each person is unique in their own way. I came out of both sessions with an unbelievable feeling. I felt like I could accomplish anything and no one could bring me down. It really made me feel good about myself. This counseling also showed me not to talk ‘down’ about myself. I used to criticize myself and wish I was thinner or prettier all the time. I was never satisfied with the way I was. I would compare myself to other girls, too. But through these sessions, it has shown me to be happy with the way you are because you are so special. With each ‘win’ in session I realized more and more of what I was capable of achieving. Anita was a great counselor and made me feel really comfortable and welcome. It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed the process. — SB