Children & Teens

Two Weeks

This 15 year old girl stayed with us for 2 weeks. Here is the Success Story first from the mom and then the daughter.

Mom, before: “Grades low, doesn’t like to study, doesn’t seem to care about her future, always on the computer while she is home, unsociable with the family, doesn’t like to go anywhere with us.” SS

Mom, after: “We were ecstatic to find a very happy, and very talkative daughter. Upon arriving home, we started noticing little things. She had the door closed to her room at night–this was a first. She had always been afraid of the dark. I asked her about it the next morning and she said, ‘Mom, I’m not afraid of the dark anymore.’ Also, she started a new school here. She’s been making new friends very quickly. She typically never really reached out, but appears to be doing so now. She even mentioned to me that I should be prepared to pay for college as she’s planning on getting good grades!! Wow! I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, but for now, we are noticing a dramatic improvement in her condition. Anita, we can’t thank you enough for all your help!” SS

From the daughter: “During my stay here, I’ve discovered the negative part of my mind. I’m more aware of how my mind really works. I’ve had realizations about many things, such as how to deal with religious and philosophical differences with my friends and how I can mend an upset. I’ve also learned a lot of things about how the mind works in general and that people sometimes just want to be able to complain once in a while. When I was in session, I would often think, ‘why is she asking me this?’ or ‘what am I looking for?’ but after a few minutes of going over the process, I’d start to think of things and get new ideas out if it and I’d start to have realizations and relief and it made me feel really good about myself.” RS

15-year-old Boy

 Through the sessions that I have had here it has made me realize that I am the only person who controls my life. And it’s very funny to me because it seems like I should have already known that I am in complete control of my life. — DM

Two Success Stories — Mom and 6-year-old Daughter


“My daughter started getting sessions from Anita several months ago. She was failing first grade, very insecure and generally not doing well. She is now doing much better in school. She says that she is ‘doing better in school, finally’ (she is getting tutoring as well). She now knows she is a spiritual being, not just a body. She knows when she is ‘messing up’ and now fixes it. For example, yesterday I asked her for the 100th time to put her clothes back where they belong and not on the closet floor. She said ‘okay’ and not only cleaned up but also refolded all the shirts and pants neatly so the shelves looked perfect.  She is now aware of the emotions of others. When she asks how you are she really wants to know. She now shares her love fully and unconditionally. She is understanding when asking how her friend is doing who just lost her mom. She feels sad when she makes a mistake or upsets a friend. She knows how to fix an ‘upset’ and gets back into communication with the person. She can be disciplined very quickly and easily now and she responds to it. She gets ready for school by herself. She does her teeth almost without my asking. She seems to be better at handling ‘time’ so that all is done and she is fed in time to leave for school. (Others in the house don’t have this awareness yet, so I appreciate it!) She wants to read more difficult books than is for her level. She likes to help others. She wants to help people who have less than she has. For example, she sent money to the Tsunami people and to Baton Rouge. Her confidence is greatly increased. She is not as ‘wild’ as she was. She appears happy with who she is. I’m sure there is more but suffice to say, she is a successful example of this counseling. She is a true pleasure to be around. Thanks to this counseling technique and to Anita who had to be on her toes, especially in the beginning.

— KJ

The daughter says:

 Before I got counseling, I was not doing good in school and now I am doing very good in school. I do not fight with my sister and the days when I was not doing counseling I was fighting a little bit but then one day I was not fighting for two weeks. I’m feeling really happy because I got counseling and Anita is very nice.

— AJ

Labeled ADHD


Background:  10 year old David was going to a school for “gifted children” but was not happy there.  He was labeled ADHD.  The parents refused to put him on the recommended drugs.  The school counselor was constantly pointing out David’s faults and giving him lots of advice as to what he should do about it.  David was being given large amounts of homework daily.  He would get very upset and “act up” while doing his homework.  This was very stressful on the family.  The parents found out about what we do here at the Life Enhancement Center.  The dad flew here with David from the northeastern state where they live.  Over a 3 day period I spent 6 hours 20 minutes of session time with David. At the end of the sessions, I asked David to tell me “what he got out of it.”  I explained to him what a testimonial is.  Here is what he thoughtfully said as I dictated word for word: 

I liked it because it was mostly fun to do.  At some points you helped me find myself–myself that got lost inside the little unhappy lies that were inside my head that you helped get rid of most of them.  It got even better with the tasty muffins that you made!

Here is what the mom said, right after he got home:

Our son looks great!  It is so good to have him home and so happy!  I can certainly see a difference in him. I am thrilled with his gains and love his testimonial. I did hear a lot about the muffins, too. On the one hand, I want to make them for him, but on the other, it’s a nice thing that makes the trip special.  Thank you for what you do!

After the first day back at school: 

David had a great day at school today. His teacher gives him daily marks as to how he does in different areas. He got all good marks today.  During homework tonight, where he usually ‘acts up’ big time, he did all of it with no ‘acting up.’  He was being a ‘solver,’ which I have never seen him do. We are sort of in ‘pleasant shock.’

A few days later Dad says: 

I asked David if he wants to go back for more sessions and he was very excited about it. He really seems to be more stable and more interested in life. His communications have been more emphatic and clear. His manners have even gotten better. I guess he seems more sure of himself. Right now, the ‘acting up’ is limited to his homework, and I believe that is just a habit pattern which my wife and I now have the ability to stop. What’s nice about your place is that it provides an environment that balances the auditing time and the play time. Where else can a kid go and play with ducks, feed turtles, pick fresh citrus, swim in a pool or hot tub, make fresh juice and play on the computer between sessions? You really have something special there.  There is something fun for him to do even when he is out of session, so he is never bored.

Update from Dad: 

Our son got his third straight day of perfect marks. This has never happened before.  He has completely stopped getting upset during homework. My wife and I have been reading the book you recommended and applying it and it is working. She read the part about allowing kids to contribute, and she let our son bake muffins and pass them out to everyone. I asked him yesterday if he wants to come down again for more sessions and he said yes. His sister also wants to come.  David’s teacher said she noticed a remarkable change in him.  She said he has been much better and believes he is on the right track. This is the same person who in September wanted him out of the program. She said he does not ‘melt down’ anymore.  When he starts to struggle he catches himself and works through it now. I am amazed!