Ethics & Integrity

Teen Success on Skype

Our son, age 15, was having a really hard time in school.  He was usually either
angry or very sad (turned inward and down on himself), and was unwilling to
accept help. Instead, he would be angry with us for trying to help. We tried
everything we could think of to encourage him to take responsibility for his
chores and school work: nagging, being extremely strict, extremely
understanding, making agreements/plans, being helpful, disinterested,
threatening, rewarding, etc.  My husband and I are pretty smart people.
I can honestly say that we tried every method we could think of to help him,
but saw no consistent improvement.  I felt like, underneath all the “angry,”
there was a loving, happy boy trying desperately to come out.  Well, let me
tell you, we invested in the Ethics and Integrity Program via Skype with
Anita, and she FOUND HIM!  –or helped him find himself.
Our son is happier and taking more everyday responsibility.  His teachers
and counselors noticed a major difference in his attitude and behavior. He’s
still working on breaking some bad habits, but now HE wants to break them,
and asks for, and (gratefully!) accepts help. He even sat down and had a
rational, reasonable conversation to make an agreement on his
responsibilities so I can back off a bit and let him be in charge of his
schoolwork. He is the loving, happy boy we knew he could be/wanted to be.
To other parents of teens — I can’t say enough good things about the
program. Be sure to honor the privacy of your child, giving them a quiet,
private place to Skype where you promise not to interrupt, even if dinner is
ready. It’s worth it. Don’t wait. TA

A Life Enhanced

During my trip to Coeur D’Alene, I had many wins that I will recall happily when I am back home. Thanks to the Sauna Program, I am drug and toxin free. Thanks to the Integrity Program I have a set goal to go to art school and become an animator. The processes run here have helped me tremendously with unveiling my eyes so I can see the world. It helped my drawing and writing ability, which is excellent for not only college, but also for the book I am writing! My art has significantly improved–even I’m surprised! I even got up the nerve to finally draw my first comic strip relating to my book, which I have gotten many compliments on. I look forward to going home and continuing my progress toward a bigger and brighter future. Thanks, LIC! RS

Inspiring Me to Paint

I have to give my counselor, Anita Warren, credit for inspiring me to paint. I had not painted anything since 2004.   I am doing a counseling course called “New Beginnings,”  which is part of the Integrity Program.  Anita helped me set some goals for myself.  I had a burning desire to paint but nothing would come out.  The first time I picked up a brush I destroyed several sheets of watercolor paper and gave up for that day (Sunday).  Then on Monday, I got up with a new determination to begin another painting.  It happened and I don’t want to stop.  I am looking forward to painting many more pictures, thanks to my dear friend and counselor, Anita Warren.  JF


Dear Mary, Thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for breaking through my walls to reach the real me. Thank you for reintroducing me to the person I’d forgotten I was. Thank you for being the enemy of “my enemy” and therefore the best friend I’ve ever had. Thank you for every second that you spend with me, for I always come away from our time together richer in ways I’d never imaged. Thank you for staying true to yourself and for being you. I love you very much. May the coming year bring you happiness, health, prosperity, and the warmth of true friendships and may depth of these far exceed your wildest dreams. Love always, LC

It’s About Viewpoint

I came here to deal with negative feelings of guilt, anxiety and self-doubt
after leaving a 17 year marriage.  Taking the “Integrity Program” surfaced my
enemy personality (Miss Perfect) which I realized has been affecting my
relationships and communications most of my life.  I learned
the important lesson that it’s about viewpoint, not about doing things
right or wrong. 
Along with that, I uncovered my “true self,” and with
that I can clearly see my life taking a positive turn.  A great big thank you to
Anita for guiding me through this program!  Another great big thank you to Mary
for developing it.  PW

The Power of My True Self

I’ve never really been aware of the power of my true self, for there has
been a substitute personality taking control of me for so many years. She
(being the negative personality) would take over when I felt angry, depressed, or
weak because she knew she had an ability to make everything
“better.” But that was just a lie she had given me and after I had accepted it,
she REALLY did have power–UNTIL NOW! I have allowed my identity to finally set
her free, and since doing so, I, my true self, am able to face any given
situation with a positive attitude and know that I won’t be leaving anyone with
upsets or bad feelings. DR

A Plan for a Successful Life

The Integrity and Ethics Program really laid out my own beliefs and
morals.  It confirmed everything I already knew.  I love the way the program was
designed to help give you the tools for life that are necessary for optimum
survival.  During the program there were activities that helped to strengthen my
skills and abilities that will help ensure my success in life even more.  I felt
prepared to go home, and I felt well set up and confident in succeeding, before
I began the Integrity Program.  I now feel even better equipped with a whole
layout and plan for a successful life–being my “true self.”  God has a plan for
each and every one of us.  My favorite chapter, Romans 12, says, “do not be
conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that
you may prove what is that good acceptable and perfect will of God.”  I try to
live my life by Romans 12 because it is so true and powerful.  The whole
Integrity Program reminded me of that chapter.  In the end it makes me want to
strive to keep my focus and my eye on the prize of a healthy, happy life.

Integrity Review

When I first arrived here five days ago, I was in total despair. I had allowed people in a hostile work
environment to walk all over me. I did not stand up to them, or hold my own, so
as to get the learning experience. I didn’t even realize I was slipping into
“enemy personality,” and becoming a victim. In session, as I picked apart feelings, emotions,
and viewpoints at that time, I really began to see that I was not my “true
self.” As I “fired” my “enemy personality” today, I became VERY emotional. I really
felt it slip away as I confronted it, and appointed my “true self” in charge.
Afterwards, I felt empowered! I am feeling more and more confident
that I will move forward and succeed in my future endeavors. I feel brighter.  Inte
I am regaining my power back, very quickly. Ready to move forward….. KH

I’ve “Tried” to Be Good

I’ve tried to be good… I’ve tried to please the gods…I’ve tried
to be acceptable to the norms around me.
Under all the efforts there was this idea:  Morals and Ethics seemed to be enforced
upon me–like a threat of punishment.  This was either from outside for violating some agreement
of what others thought I should be, or my sometimes becoming the punisher of
enforcement. It was like the thoughts I get when
someone cuts me off while driving. It is not pretty or appealing to my basic sense of
good judgment, compassion and striving for joy…
High Integrity Living is about being the captain of your ship.  You knowingly correct your
course, in the various tides of life, to get to where YOU want to go. We all try to create effects, whether on self
or others. The funny thing is, now that
I can use my own judgment of what is survival, I find my life adventure one of
creating more compassion and joy effortlessly.
I love it. It just gets better. 
Simply put, I’m
GOOD and I know it. Thank you, Mary.

The Enemy Within

I didn’t know that I was holding onto this “Enemy Personality” within me which was
slaughtering me left and right. It was amazing to find out that this personality
that I was holding onto was causing negative effects on me. All my
justifications were to hold onto this personality so I wouldn’t need to face
things and no need for me to be guilty or wrong. As soon as this was spotted,
mysteries around me look comical. This program is an eye opener. It gave “myself” back to me. My viewpoints have changed
and I am free to be myself and face up to things as I go along. Thanks to my
counselor–Les, and to the supervisor for this wonderful help. Thanks to Anita for all the
support and wonderful protein drinks! God bless you all…. Yours truly, PA