Illness & Injuries

Multiple Sclerosis

After a series of stressful and traumatizing events, at the age of thirty seven years old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In order to facilitate my healing, I experimented with the standard conventional medical treatment of the immunosuppressant drugs. I started a regimen of bio-chemical vitamins, undergone sessions in vibrational medicine and participated in Buddhists chants. All of these things worked slightly, but nothing worked like this ‘spiritual assist technology.’ The effects are instantaneous and permanent. I feel better. The energy in my body has undergone a big change. Watch out world–here I come! — RB

“Improved dramatically”

Since becoming ill almost two years ago with hemolytic anemia I have had over 100 blood transfusions. Early this year in addition to the anemia I had fevers of unknown origin and emergency surgeries for removal of my gall bladder, and part of my large intestine. My prognosis and survival were questionable. Since I began therapy with Anita my condition has improved dramatically. I cannot say whether it is a medical miracle, the therapy, or both that is responsible for the improvement in my health. I can say that Anita’s efforts relaxed me and gave me a more positive attitude. — GK

… lightens my soul

Recent sessions with Anita have been of tremendous help to me, releasing grief and pain from a motorcycle accident, the loss of my left leg, many surgical events, and the death of my parents. I also had a minor event with eye infection during her visit which she handled. Her many ‘assists’ and skills brought relief of pain and emotional trauma. I have very little cartilage left in my remaining knee, arthritis, calcium deposits and bone chips from falls. I was facing knee replacement surgery and several months of down time. I believe Anita’s counseling has prevented this. The knee was so painful I could hardly walk prior to the sessions. After, I find myself able to walk and the pain reduced to a factor that is livable without surgery. I had many gains and was delighted to spend time with Anita. She brings out the best in me and lightens my soul. — GM

Physical Healing and Pain Relief

[Disclaimer: Our counseling is not medical treatment. It is used in conjunction with medical treatment.]

I have been receiving counseling from Anita Warren and have been having excellent consistent gains. An especially big gain for me was on a ‘paralysis assist’ used on my left arm which was paralyzed by a stroke I had last year. I had almost given up hope that I would move or use this arm and hand again, but with this ‘paralysis assist’ I was finally moving my fingers and hand again. What a thrill it was to me to be able to experience that after so long. The sessions have been fabulous and have been delivered by Anita most professionally. Great thanks and gratitude.

— JZ