Communication Course Success

I have gone through life not knowing how to put my intentions across to other people. Since I have taken the Communication Course I have learned how to put my thoughts across with intention from point A to point B. I learned how to get acknowledgements and answers to my questions. I learned how to handle any possible upsets, confusions or problems that come up. All you want to do is get your point across using these drills. I see that these drills will help me in handling very difficult people in my family. I can also pick out people that are difficult to communicate with. Using these drills will help me for the rest of my life as I put them into practice. I am very excited and thankful for the Life Integrity Center for introducing me to the communication drills that I can now use to improve my skills and my life. JF


Drug Rehab Success Story


When I arrived here I had not been using drugs daily like I did in my past. Even using them occasionally or one time clouds your mind so much–it’s amazing. I feel more clear-minded and motivated than I have in a long time–possibly more than I ever have. I am excited to be successful again, to go back to school, to be my “true self,” and best of all to be really happy. Every day gets better and better. Every day God is working through me to make me stronger and healthier to take on everyday challenges. I have a good solid plan and my “risk management” program in place. This will ensure my success. Things are falling into place even when I don’t expect them to. I can’t wait to live life again. I know all I have to do is focus on myself and work on me each day and to be healthy. Then I will succeed. HC

Communication Course

“I never knew what communication drills were before I started working with Les and Anita on them. I never realized how important GOOD communication is in our everyday life, and how much good communication is lacking now-a-days. Also, I learned you don’t have to respond in a harsh manner, even if someone said something really awful to you. You can just acknowledge you heard them and go on with your day! Amazing! The main thing I learned is I’m in control of how I react, confront, acknowledge, and communicate with people. I choose what or how I will respond. These drills have made me brighter, more aware of my thoughts, and a great communicator. I didn’t realize how well these drills incorporated in my life until recently I was faced (on the telephone) with a very tough situation. If I never learned these drills I would have flown off the handle. But I confronted it, analyzed it, and put it into good communication with the person I was dealing with. AND I felt fantastic after!” KH

Communication Course

“The drills have helped me so much. I used to talk like a timid little mouse my whole life. Now I speak with intention. People listen when I talk now. I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want and get it! I started using the drills right away! Every time I start talking to someone back home the drills just kick in like I have been talking this way my whole life! The drills were and are “life changing” for me! I never thought I could talk and confront people no matter who they are!” HW

Communication Course

“When practicing the Communication Drills, I really saw the importance of using them in real life.  I saw the meaning of “Keeping your TRs in.”  (TRs=Training Routines)  When you listen and respond appropriately, it is amazing how much more you get out of what was said.  This helps in critical areas of life because communication is key to a successful life.  Your TRs will help you in school, studying, work, family, parenting, and with your friends.  “Keeping your TRs in,” in my case especially, will help me with any temptation that may come my way with just being in present time, keeping calm, and acknowledging, especially with firmness when needed”.  HC

Life Counseling and Body Detox

All of a sudden today I felt so amazing. Last night I completed my Life Counseling write-up and felt really good after writing it with also a big sense of relief/weight off my shoulders. At first I didn’t want to do it, but when I was done it was so cleansing.  I even slept so good last night for the first time in a long time!  When I started the sauna today, I had all these ideas flowing and felt really excited and positive about the future. I know that it’s not going to be easy, but I can’t give up on what I want, I just have to work harder to get there! I feel so confident and 100% ready to take on any challenge I am faced with and will not let “The Enemy” (in my mind), get in the way anymore. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phillipians 4:13)  HC


Life Counseling Success

Anita helped me look back on things in my life that made me look at why I was not whole. It was important for me to look at my past so I could let out old “no good energy” (anger) and replace it with healthy good energy. I look forward to my future filled with peace. I could not say this with the “old me.” Now I feel great with the NEW ME. Thank you, Anita. MK


From ADHD to Amazed

Background:  10 year old CA (initials) was going to a school for “gifted children” but wasn’t happy there.  He was labeled ADHD.  The parents refused to put him on the recommended drugs.  The school counselor was constantly pointing out CA’s faults and giving him lots of advice as to what he should do about it.  CA was being given large amounts of homework daily.  He would get very upset and “act up” while doing his homework.  This was stressful on the family.  The parents found out about what we do here at the Life Integrity Center.  The dad flew here with CA to take advantage of our program.  Over a 3 day period I spent 6 hours 20 minutes of session time with CA.  At the end of the sessions, I asked him to tell me “what he got out of it.”  Here is what he thoughtfully said as I dictated word for word:  “I liked it because it was mostly fun to do.  At some points you helped me find myself–myself that got lost inside the little unhappy lies that were inside my head that you helped get rid of most of them.  It got even better with the tasty muffins that you made.”
 Here is what the mom said, after he got home:  Our son looks great!  It is so good to have him home and so happy!  I can certainly see a difference in him.  I am thrilled with his gains and I love his ‘testimonial.’  I did hear a lot about the muffins, too.  Thank you for want you do!”
 After the first day back at school, mom said:  “CA had a great day at school today.  His teacher gives him daily marks as to how he does in different areas.  He got all good marks today.  During homework tonight, where he usually ‘acts up big time,’ he did all of it with no ‘acting up.’  He was being a ‘solver,’ which I have never seen him do.  We are sort of in ‘pleasant shock.'”
 A few days later, Dad says:  “I asked CA if he wants to go back for more sessions and he was very excited about it.  He really seems to be more stable and more interested in life.  His communications have been more emphatic and clear.  His manners have even gotten better.  I guess he seems more sure of himself.  Right now, the ‘acting up’ is limited to his homework.  I believe that is just a habit pattern which my wife and I now have the ability to stop.”
 Update from Dad:  “Our son got his third straight day of perfect marks.  This has never happened before.  He has completely stopped getting upset during homework.  My wife and I have been reading the book you recommended, applying it, and it is working.  She read the part about allowing kids to contribute.  She let our son bake muffins and pass them out to everyone.  I asked him yesterday if he wants to come down again for more sessions.  He said, ‘Yes.’  His sister wants to come, too.  CA’s teacher said she noticed a remarkable change in him.  She said he has been much better and believes he is on the right track.  This is the same teacher who wanted him out of the program.  She said he does not ‘melt down’ anymore.  When he starts to struggle he catches himself and works through it now.  I am amazed.”

Success Story 4/2/12

I have had a great time here. The sessions were very challenging, but that’s what I like. Remember this for the “Perception Drills!” Don’t give up. I broke down in tears three or four times, and I’m 13 years old! Trust me, reader, you will get it like I did. Don’t doubt yourself. It may take hours, even days of sessioning, but everything represents something in life. Good luck with your counseling and remember that everything comes in time, but you must work for it. (Hmmmm…why do I sound like I’ve achieved total enlightenment?) CA

Fear of Driving

I went into session last Saturday. We ran two similar incidents. I really feel terrific and no longer afraid of driving on the highway. The fear I had was actually paralyzing. I would begin sweating, shaking, and feeling nauseous. I could not even maintain my foot on the gas pedal for more than a couple of seconds and I felt the need to drive much slower than normal. I have just been enjoying this win of no longer feeling afraid. I plan to take a long drive soon. – B