Training College

Advanced Communication Course

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Advanced Communication Course with Linda, Rachel, Anita and Les. They helped me grow in an area of life which has been challenging for me–being in control of situations in relationship to other people, feeling like my desires are as important as others. Now, I know it’s okay to assert my desires with intention. I also had an opportunity to use the techniques when confronted by my daughter. The confronting practice really came through and helped me handle the situation. Thank you, LIC! L


Counselor Training

I had a great time this week with Les and Anita. It was wonderful to train and hone my counseling skills, from the very best of the best. My FIRST priority was my client. Les and Anita were there in case I had any questions. Might I add, the Supervisor was spot on. SL

Basic Communication Course

I started the Communication Course to learn more about the Life Integrity Center and counseling techniques, and because I always like to learn. Learning about communication can only help in all areas of life. I wasn’t sure what it was all about and there were some surprises and frustrations. But….. I did it! We did it! I have learned a lot, enjoyed interacting with some great people, and I’ve been able to communicate about the course process and I’ve been acknowledged. I’m looking forward to the Advanced Communication Course and beyond! Thank you! LS

Communication Course Success

I have gone through life not knowing how to put my intentions across to other people. Since I have taken the Communication Course I have learned how to put my thoughts across with intention from point A to point B. I learned how to get acknowledgements and answers to my questions. I learned how to handle any possible upsets, confusions or problems that come up. All you want to do is get your point across using these drills. I see that these drills will help me in handling very difficult people in my family. I can also pick out people that are difficult to communicate with. Using these drills will help me for the rest of my life as I put them into practice. I am very excited and thankful for the Life Integrity Center for introducing me to the communication drills that I can now use to improve my skills and my life. JF


Communication Course

“I never knew what communication drills were before I started working with Les and Anita on them. I never realized how important GOOD communication is in our everyday life, and how much good communication is lacking now-a-days. Also, I learned you don’t have to respond in a harsh manner, even if someone said something really awful to you. You can just acknowledge you heard them and go on with your day! Amazing! The main thing I learned is I’m in control of how I react, confront, acknowledge, and communicate with people. I choose what or how I will respond. These drills have made me brighter, more aware of my thoughts, and a great communicator. I didn’t realize how well these drills incorporated in my life until recently I was faced (on the telephone) with a very tough situation. If I never learned these drills I would have flown off the handle. But I confronted it, analyzed it, and put it into good communication with the person I was dealing with. AND I felt fantastic after!” KH

Communication Course

“The drills have helped me so much. I used to talk like a timid little mouse my whole life. Now I speak with intention. People listen when I talk now. I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want and get it! I started using the drills right away! Every time I start talking to someone back home the drills just kick in like I have been talking this way my whole life! The drills were and are “life changing” for me! I never thought I could talk and confront people no matter who they are!” HW

Communication Course

“When practicing the Communication Drills, I really saw the importance of using them in real life.  I saw the meaning of “Keeping your TRs in.”  (TRs=Training Routines)  When you listen and respond appropriately, it is amazing how much more you get out of what was said.  This helps in critical areas of life because communication is key to a successful life.  Your TRs will help you in school, studying, work, family, parenting, and with your friends.  “Keeping your TRs in,” in my case especially, will help me with any temptation that may come my way with just being in present time, keeping calm, and acknowledging, especially with firmness when needed”.  HC