For specific information regarding the counseling techniques we use, please visit  This is a client based method of addressing the mind and spirit.   We are members of and we apply this technology with our clients.  We start with a free interview on Skype to assess issues so that the potential client can decide if he/she wants to receive a session.   The sessions can be done on skype or in person.  We can deliver sessions anywhere on the planet!

As negative energy is addressed, it is quite easily resolved.  It can no longer force negative behavior on the person.  This is a great relief.  The sessions invariably end with the person amazed and quite often laughing.  It is great relief for war veterans or anyone who has PTSD issues.

If you are experiencing unwanted emotions, if you are “compelled” to act in certain ways which you don’t like, if you are sabotaging your own goals, if you can’t make and keep friendships and relationships, if you know you have talents and abilities which are kept inside of you, if there are things you don’t like about yourself, then perhaps you should look into this technology.