“Life” Counseling

Do you normally do well in life but lately things are out of control? What problems or difficulties are you experiencing? Perhaps you have a dilemma? Maybe you had a recent loss? Are you are recovering from an illness or injury? Is there a relationship problem? Kids out of control? Problems in the workplace? You feel stressed out, fly off the handle and then regret it? Depressed? No energy?

Whichever it is, THAT is what we will take up and address. No problem is too large or too small.  Life Counseling is called that because it repairs the upsets, depressions, stresses, worries, and communication difficulties one has, resulting in a much happier life.

“Life Counseling” is a tailor made program specifically for YOU. We use a technique called auditing. Auditing is a type of communication which is used in a private session. It consists of asking a person a question, getting the person to look into his mind for the answer, finding the answer, and giving the answer to the auditor. An auditor by definition is “one who listens.” The auditor acknowledges the person’s answers but does not evaluate those answers. Auditing gets rid of barriers that inhibit a person’s abilities. The person becomes more able. His survival, happiness, and intelligence increase enormously.

First you will have a free consultation. We will tell you honestly if we believe we can help.

Much of our counseling can be done on Skype.