Stopping Prescription Drugs

My name is Anita Warren. I am a Life Coach.

One of my passions is to help people who are on anti-depressants and/or other medical drugs, but “don’t want to be.” If you want to get off the drugs, I’m here to help.

I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor. I am self-trained in nutrition for 40 years. I am a certified Sauna/Detox Program Specialist. I have many years experience in spiritual counseling. I have run our “drug/alcohol rehab program” on many clients.  Testimonials

Drugs for depression–what do they do? To simplify, they produce the “happy chemicals” (also called neurotransmitters) that your brain is not producing when you are depressed. Seratonin for example–when you are happy your brain produces seratonin. When you run around the block your brain produces another “happy chemical”–dopamine. Notice how good you feel after a run around the block. However, if you lay on the couch all day and watch TV, notice how depressed you feel.

In our society, we have been taught to trust doctors, rather than trust our own instincts. We could cite example after example of a drug being used as a quick fix, no matter what the issues are. These days many of our issues are lumped together under the heading of depression (of some sort) and we are prescribed anti-depressants. Educators are also guilty of this–drugging children to make for a more quiet classroom. Drugs don’t address the source of the problem. They cover the real problem like a band-aid, waiting to rear up its ugly head later. Many physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol could be handled by a good nutritional program, but medical doctors have a tendency to use drugs instead.

How does one go about getting off the drugs? It’s a fact that most doctors do not actually know the technology of how to safely get a person OFF these dangerous drugs. Drugs cause the brain to stop producing its own neurotransmitters (“happy chemicals”). If you stop taking the drug, you are going to be VERY unhappy. The brain does not start producing its own neurotransmitters easily. Some drugs are very dangerous to stop taking–Benzodiazapines, for example. Withdrawals from Benzos are so dangerous that potentially, it could take years to get a person off Benzos safely.

What we have to do is to get the brain to start producing its own neurotransmitters again. To keep from getting complex about it, the simple answer is to use aminos, which are found in protein. Your brain needs aminos to start producing neurotransmitters again.

We recommend a medium to high protein diet as well as taking extra amino supplements. We need to build up the body’s health in every way possible. We teach you to eat the healthiest foods while taking supplements and exercising. And stop the sugar!!! This is not easy. You are in for a lot of work and dedication. You do not start tapering off the drug until you have improved your nutrition and feel good physically. When you are ready–we do not rush you–you begin tapering off the drugs VERY slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. You stay at just below the top dosage for a couple of weeks–making sure you are not feeling ill effects–and then you can taper a wee bit more. You should not experience withdrawals. If you feel ill effects from the taper, you go back up to the previous dosage for a couple of weeks, really working on your nutrition, before you try tapering again. Meantime, you are monitored by us and your doctor.  Check out the Ketogenic diet.  It seems to be the most recommended diet for many conditions and ailments.  It is high fat, low carb, medium protein.

Inability to sleep is often one of the reasons a person started taking drugs in the first place. There are natural supplements, plus other methods–yoga, audio CDs, exercises, and individual handling of certain stresses. The irony is that there are no drugs that are designed to help you sleep. Sleep or drowsiness is simply a side effect of certain drugs, so it has become common to use them for sleep.

You’ll find my rates very reasonable and your fees can be applied toward nutritional products that you will need.  I also require a medical doctor’s agreement to begin my program.

I have found these videos to be informative about getting off prescription drugs:

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