H W’s Story

June, 2008.

Body Detox Program

“I came here at the worst bottom of my life.  I have lost my kids (my pride and joy).  I had been arrested and put in jail for 6 days for something I only half remember doing because I was on so many pills I was in a fog.  I came here without anywhere else to go.  I have hurt everyone I love, and myself even worse.  I knew I had, and have, real physical pain but I thought only the pills would make it better.  I never believed there could be another answer.  I went through the Body Detox Program and I feel like a different person.  The first few days I experienced everything.  I smelled pot.  I thought a towel was talking to me (acid).  I got nausea and I got tired a lot.  The niacin (a vitamin required on the program) made me look like I had an allergy.  At times it was from head to toe!  On the next to the last day I started to feel clearer and then that night I slept like a baby.  I really couldn’t wait to get into the sauna (for 5 hours was I crazy?) on the final day.  More than half way through that 5 hours I had this feeling come over me–I realized that the black cloud that used to be over my mind and body was completely gone!  I was happy almost giddy!  I felt so good I can’t imagine putting anything into my body again!  I feel like a new woman!”

Integrity and Honesty

“I have had some wonderful realizations in the last two days.  I didn’t realize how this ‘stuff’ was right in front of me pushing me down.  I don’t feel that way anymore.  It’s as if the negative part of my mind is gone.  How could I have thought ‘I deserve to be hit’ just because I had bad credit?  Or that the reason I didn’t stay with a job, once I hit a rough spot, was because of an earlier job I got laid off from long ago.  The biggest realization is that there is more to me than just being a mother.  I have so much to offer and so much to receive back from people and that’s okay.  That all makes me a better person.  God, I wish I would have known this stuff years ago.  I will never be timid again!”

Basic Communication Skills Course

“The drills have helped me so much.  I used to talk like a timid little mouse my whole life.  Now I speak with intention.  People listen when I talk now.  I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want and get it!  I started using the drills right away!  Every time I start talking to someone back home the drills just kick in like I have been talking this way my whole life!  The drills were and are life changing for me!  I never thought I could talk and confront people no matter who they are!”

Advanced Communication Skills

“Upon completing each and every drill my communication got better and better.  I’m so excited to go home now!  (Even though I still have a couple of things left to do)  I can’t wait to use all of this with everyone.  I feel these are making me a better mother, daughter, sister, niece, and friend.  So watch out when I come home!  These were life changing!”

Perception Drills

“At first I thought it was silly, but after completing the Perception Drills I realized that I am in control of all my dimensions.  But most of all my body.  I never thought I could say that.  I thought I would come here, get clean, and still have my pain out of control!  That is not the case.  I still have pain all the time–I just understand it better and I don’t let it control me anymore ever!  I hit my knee on the corner of the coffee table and it hurt for only a second because I have the control to make it stop!  I feel so powerful!  I also dropped my IPOD and was able to pick it up by the headphones and normally it disconnects–but I did that!  I feel very aware of all around me now!”

Program Completion

“When I was in jail, I knew I was done with this life I was living.  I was ready to go ‘anywhere’ because I was DONE!  The universe was working in my favor because my aunt, who runs the Life Enhancement Center, came down the next week to my home!  I really didn’t want to come to Florida and leave my children but I was ready for a different life–something better for me and my kids.  Once I got here, I pushed myself hard every day.  It wasn’t easy but I knew I could be better!  My aunt’s love was a huge force in the beginning that helped me start to push myself harder.  I thought–if SHE hasn’t given up on me then maybe I shouldn’t either!  The ‘drug bomb’ (huge amount of vitamins you take in the beginning when withdrawing from drugs) helped me, but doing the Body Detox Program was the biggest eye opener for me.  No wonder I had to push myself when my head and body were under a black cloud for so long!  When I was done and the cloud was gone I realized how much I didn’t want to put harmful chemicals into my body ever again.  I started noticing that I could look at myself in the mirror again and that was a huge win!  The Communication Drills were so important–the way I talk to everyone has changed so much!  I don’t get upset when I talk to ‘certain people’ who try to push my buttons.  It doesn’t even bother me anymore.  When I want something I ask for it and that is such a big win!  I wasn’t even finished with the Communication Drills when I started using them right away!  Then the Perception Drills made me so much more ‘in present time’ it was crazy!  I felt so powerful!  Then the Drug Counseling Program–I couldn’t have felt 100% without that.  The Drug Counseling Program was amazing.  When I finally FOUND that one thing I did–way back–that ONE thing that spiraled my life out of control for 15 years–it was life changing!  I no longer think about drugs and my past drug use!  I NEVER thought that those thoughts would go away.  I thought my past will always haunt me!  I wish I would have done this 15 years ago!  I feel like a brand new person today.  I know I can handle anything and anyone that comes my way!!  Thank you, Anita and Les, for seeing ‘who I really am’ before I could see it for myself!”

— Holly W

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