We are extending an invitation to you to receive a Personality Test and an evaluation. This is free of any charge or obligation.

Your personality has everything to do with your future, your personal relationships, your income, and your life.  If you are not happy with life, you can find out why.

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Print a copy of the test.

Fill out your answers.

Mail, fax or scan and e-mail the test to us and we’ll contact you with the results.  When we receive your test, we will evaluate your answers and print a GRAPH which will give you a basic picture of your personality and what you think about yourself. The graph provides an overall analysis, but there is a lot more to be said about your personality. We will be happy to give you a personal consultation. You will find out the details about your personality, and what can be done to raise the different points on your personality test graph. Something can be done to change conditions in life.

Mail:  LIC, 731 N Victorian Dr, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

or fax:  (866) 546-9416

or scan and email:  Anita [at] LifeIntegrityCenter [dot] com