We have a new life together

In 1990 K and I were nearing divorce. It was very hard for us to communicate without getting into an argument. A friend of ours told us about this ‘marriage counseling’ program. Of course I had no interest in this because I was certain it would not work. My friend insisted we go and drove us up. We took a couple basic courses and then started the marriage counseling. Wow, after a few sessions our feelings for each other were starting to increase. It was like all the tension and problems we had were completely gone. By the time we were done, I actually felt as in love with Kim as when we were dating. It was truly amazing. We just could not believe how good it was. It was like everything that was messing our marriage up was gone. We had a new life together. Well, ten years have gone by now and we are still in love and creating a wonderful family together. Pretty neat. — JD

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